Location Based, Pocket Billboard, Proximity Marketing with GeoFencing and Beacons.

You've heard of it but it's always been priced Out of your Reach.
Not Any More.
It's now the Least Expensive and Most Effective 
form of Advertising you can possibly do!

Watch this 20 Second Video Introduction.

The World has Firmly Taken Hold of the Digital Age.

The Way we communicate has changed.
Business has Changed.
Commerce has Changed.
And So have your Customers.

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You need to Wake Up and Join the 21st Century with Proximity Marketing.

Quite frankly, if you wish to survive in this Plugged in, Connected, Turned On world you Do Not have a Choice.

Your Prospects and Customers are Already Looking for Businesses to Engage.

Will that be YOU or your Competitor?

For the first time ever, you have a choice.
Engage them or let them find someone else, more than likely your competitor.
It's totally UP TO YOU.

If you don't believe GeoFencing works you might want to watch the movie just below.


We have a system, unlike anything out there, and best of all, there is even a way you can get it for FREE.

Time to Get the Facts.

90% use their Phones to find Local Businesses

The SmartPhone is changing not only how we Communicate but how we do Business.
We have Two Videos just below in the Red Links.


Next Big Thing, C/NET

Unless you have been living under a Rock you have already figured this out.
Your Prospects and Customers will download our app because it makes their Smartphone even Smarter.
It allows them to find local deals, have a Much Better shopping experience, and all while Maintaining Control.
Even C/NET has an opinion.


See a GeoFence in Action

You saw the GeoFence previously, now watch a real life example.
But we go beyond just engaging them.
What if when your Spanish customer engaged your business, it was on their phone in THEIR LANGUAGE?
We are in English and Spanish.



Every Account gets our proprietary analytics system as part of their subscription.
How cool would it be to be able to log into your account and see whats working, what isn't and make changes in Real Time?


It's time you joined the 21st Century with Location Based Marketing.
You may have heard about this technology but here's something probably didn't know. 

A Properly Implemented System that complies with the Google Rules of Engagement will do More for your Search Engine Rankings than all the self-proclaimed SEO experts in the World.

You are sharp, figure it out for yourself. Why do you think Google keeps coming out with all their Algorithm changes? To thwart those SEO guys.

We have an entire section on this,

How about it?
Do we Have Your Attention?

It's time to take the Next Step and Grow your Business. If what you have seen so far sounds interesting or just peaks your curiosity...


If you aren't quite ready to take the Next Step...

Perhaps you need to Meet your Customer.


Time to join the
21st Century

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